The Risks and Legal Measures of International Trade Sanctions in B&R
30 Oct, 2017  |  Source:BRGG  |  Hits:2883

Brief:The international sanction can directly or indirectly exert an impact on the Chinese government or enterprises to participate in the economic activities of the Belt and Road. In general, legal measures to cope with the international sanction refer to the solution mechanism for disputes in WTO, involving the legal issues such as the fulfillment of the obligation of international treaties and whether the contradiction between the international treaties might be unconstitutional. Some issues of the Chinese laws and practice related to international sanctions such as the extraterritorial effect of sanctions and its solution, whether the sanction is the force majeure according to the contract law must be addressed. In sum, the Chinese government or enterprises should cope with the abuse of international sanctions by the diversification of international trade and litigation of international law.