Analysis on the Women and Children Health in the BRI Countries
18 Sep, 2021  |  Source:BRGG  |  Hits:2515

The "Belt and Road" initiative (BRI) is China's first major global economic development strategy. 

The main target is to promote the development and cooperation between China and other developing countries and regions. 

To better support the BRI construction, cooperation in healthcare is an important breakthrough point. 

More specifically, women's and children's health are not only the most basic international health indicators, but also comprehensive for measuring economic and social development. 

Since the foundation of the People's Republic of China, especially after the Opening-up Reform in 1978, women's and children's healthcare has made tremendous progress in China. 

The core indicators of women and child health are equal or better than most middle- and high-income countries, completing the United Nations Millennium Development Goals in advance. 

China is also awarded as a "high-performance country for women and child health" by the World Health Organization. In recent years, China has been continuously sharing experiences to promote the healthcare development of other countries.

Effective cooperation needs pertinence and precision. 

Before proposing targeted and precise cooperation solutions, we need to understand the development status in related countries thoroughly.

Therefore, conducting in-depth and systematic research on specific countries is currently a prior work to promote healthcare cooperation under the BRI framework.

This project aims to carry out detailed research on healthcare in 65 initial participating BRI countries. 

We systematically review the macroeconomic environment, the population's health status, and the healthcare development for women and children. 

It provides reliable evidence and policy recommendations for the international cooperation in women and children health among BRI countries.