Fudan Institute of Belt and Road & Global Governance (BRGG) is a newly launched university-level high-end think tank that focuses on research and consultation, education and training, as well as partnership and cooperation with other institutions. Against the backdrop of multidisciplinary training, the center strives to cultivate professional and pragmatic research talents at home and abroad by focusing on both theories and real issues relating to Belt & Road and global governance. BRGG is an interdisciplinary research institution with eight institutes, namely Research Institute of Strategic Studies and International Security, Research Institute of Global and National Governance, Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Regional Economic Cooperation, Research Institute of International Industry and Investment, Institute of International Law, Research Institute of Society and Population, Research Institute of Humanities and Exchanges, Institute of International Communication.

First level discipline:
1. Political science
Main professors in these fields:
International relations:Chen Zhimin, Chen Yugang
International political economy: Huang Renwei
International politics: Su Changhe
International strategy: Zhang Jiadong

2. Law
Main professor: Gong Baihua

3. Economics
Main professor: Wan Guanghua

4. History
Main professor: Zhang Xiaohong

5. Sociology
Main professor: Fan Lizhu

6. Journalism and communication
Main professor: Li Liangrong

7. Management science
Main professor: Xu Yifan

Contact Us

Person in Charge: Huang Renwei
Secretary: Wang Ting
Tel: (86)(21)65641298