The Indian Ocean security environment: Stability and Mitigation in competition
16 Sep, 2021  |  Source:BRGG  |  Hits:1790

The security situation in the Indian Ocean region is stable on the whole ,with a positive trend. 

In terms of traditional security, the United States is still the main strategic actor in the Indian Ocean region ,actively developing its relations with traditional allies and new strategic partners. 

India is actively developing its naval power, enhancing its presence in the Indian Ocean region and seeking a certain degree of dominance. China, Japan, Australia, the UK and France are also attaching more strategic importance to the Indian Ocean region, and their military presence activities are on the rise. 

On the whole, the situation in which the United States plays the leading role, India seeks to play the leading role and other major powers seek active participation in the Indian Ocean region will be normal in the foreseeable future. 

There are still severe terrorist threats in the Indian Ocean region,but generally being controllable. 

Under the pressure of the international community, piracy has almost disappeared off East Africa, but it tends to be on the rise in the Southeast Asia.