Geopolitical risks and countermeasures of major overseas projects of the BRI
16 Sep, 2021  |  Source:BRGG  |  Hits:2098

Geopolitical risk is defined as the international political risk caused by geopolitical factors and structural changes of existing geopolitical interests in the region due to the development, shaping, competition or control of specific geographical space overseas implemented by states or non-state actors.

Its generative mechanism mainly includes strategic competition between great powers, struggle between sea power and land power, game caused by geographically sensitive areas, and geoeconomic competition. 

Major overseas projects will also change various geopolitical factors and break the balance of the original geopolitical interest structure, thus triggering geopolitical risks. The reasons for above are the deeper geopolitical concepts and ideological contention, as well as the changes in the spirit of the times and the state of mind caused by the changes of the times. 

In the context of the Construction of the BRI, geopolitical risks have posed substantial obstacles to China's peaceful rise and enterprises' "Go Global". 

Therefore, it is imperative to enhance the awareness of geographical security, objectively evaluate geopolitical risks, establish geopolitical risk assessment criteria from the three aspects of political, economic and cultural,and lastly, formulate effective strategies to guard against and manage geopolitical risks.