Shandong's Future Path to Promote the High-quality Development of the "Belt and Road" Initiative
18 Sep, 2021  |  Source:BRGG  |  Hits:2447

Since President Xi Jinping proposed the "Belt and Road" initiative (BRI) in 2013, the related construction has made substantial progress and reached a new stage of cooperation.

 Meanwhile, international and domestic economics has also undergone great changes. The Covid-19 epidemic and the global economic recession have challenged all countries in the world. 

The Chinese economy is slowly stepping into a new "dual circulation" development stage, focusing on both international trade and domestic consumption.

Shandong should seize new opportunities from a strategic perspective. During the current global pandemic and economic recession, it is necessary to re-evaluate the strategic impact of the BRI on Shandong's mid- and long-term development. 

Making full use of the geographical and existing industry advantage, Shandong is better to merge the original five centers to the two major hubs, namely the "The Europe Asian continent land-sea intermodal transport hub" and the "Northeast Asia industrial chain connection hub". 

With these "two hubs", Shandong will fully open up and act as a core role in the BRI. 

Nevertheless, Shandong must be aware of the current limitations of innovation and effectiveness.