Geopolitical risks and countermeasures of China's high-speed railway “Go Global” strategy Zhang Xiaotong
16 Sep, 2021  |  Source:BRGG  |  Hits:1479

China has achieved remarkable achievements in the past seven years,since "high-speed rail diplomacy"was promoted in 2013,However,In the process of implementing high-speed railway “Go Global” strategy, China has also fully faced the risks everywhere, one of which is geopolitical risk.

In fact, some of China’s high-speed rail projects have failed due to geopolitical risks. 

This research report explores the geopolitics of railway from three aspects:theory, history and policy, focusing on the geopolitical risks of China's high-speed railway going global and the countermeasures. In this report, "geopolitical risk" is defined as the international political risk caused by geopolitical factors and structural changes of existing geopolitical interests in the region due to the development, shaping, competition or control of specific geographical space overseas implemented by states or non-state actors. 

Its generative mechanism mainly includes strategic competition between great powers, struggle between sea power and land power, game caused by geographically sensitive areas, and geoeconomic competition. 

The roots lie in the deeper geopolitical concepts and ideological contention,as well as the change of the spirit of The Times and the state of mind caused by the changes of The Times. In the context of the BRI , geopolitical risks have posed substantial obstacles to the peaceful rise of China and the "Go global" of China's high-speed railway.