HK Police Vows Action as HK Alliance Refuses to Hand in Requested Information
08 Sep, 2021  |  Source:Global Times  |  Hits:1569
Commissioner of Police of the HKSAR government Chris Tang Ping-keung gives an interview to Xinhua in south China's Hong Kong on Jan. 28, 2021.Photo:Xinhua

Chris Tang Ping-keung Photo:Xinhua

The radical opposition group, Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China (known as Hong Kong Alliance), was criticized for not abiding by laws after declining the Hong Kong police's request for more information on its possible status as a foreign agent. And the Hong Kong police chief said on Tuesday that such moves would lead to swift and effective action from the police. 
Foreign agent refers to those receiving money from foreign political groups and taking activities for their interests.
In response to the Alliance failing to hand in the information as requested, Chris Tang Ping-keung, Secretary for Security in Hong Kong, told media on Tuesday that the police will take swift and effective action. 
Tang said that the possibility of prosecution in the near future cannot be ruled out. He also noted that some individuals in prison contacted outsiders in an attempt to jeopardize national security. 
The Hong Kong Police Force's National Security Department sent letters to some groups, including the Hong Kong Alliance on August 25, requesting information under Article 43 of the national security law for Hong Kong. 
But the Alliance said in a statement on Sunday that it will not hand in the information to the police and denied that it is foreign agent, Orange News reported. 
The Hong Kong Police said that they have noticed that some groups said they would not abide by the laws and they should take the responsibility for such deeds, including a 100,000 Hong Kong dollar fine and six months in prison, according to Orange News. 
The Hong Kong Alliance is one of the most extreme anti-government forces in Hong Kong. 
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region chief executive Carrie Lam told media on Tuesday that the police asked Hong Kong Alliance for information in accordance with laws while some people thought that there is no need for civil society members to abide by laws. However, those who boasted not to abide by laws would not be deemed as a civil social organization. 
For a long time, some people including those from the legal profession taught wrong ideas and misled the young people. Civil society must have legal spirit and not boast illegal or wrong ideals, Lam said. 
Many local media outlets have reported that the Alliance is on the verge of disbandment. The standing committee of the Alliance reportedly held a special meeting on August 23 and recommended dissolving the organization, and the Alliance will be disbanded if 75 percent of its members agree.