China, US, Russia Share Consensus in Afghanistan, but Washington ‘Should Correct its Mistake to Exchange Cooperation’
18 Aug, 2021  |  Source:Global Times  |  Hits:2617
The US has discussed the situation in Afghanistan with China, Russia, Pakistan and its European allies on Tuesday to seek cooperation following its hasty retreat. This was not the first time Washington openly expressed to China its request on the issue, which shows a better attitude that is very different from the US hostility against China in other intense areas.  
But Chinese analysts said although the US shares some common interests with China and Russia at the moment to ensure stability in Afghanistan, in the long term, when Washington completes its evacuation, some US decision-makers might want to see the country return to chaos so that it could use the mess to trouble both China and Russia.
If the US wants to get China's cooperation, it needs to show enough sincerity by taking actions to correct its mistakes, such as double standards on counter-terrorism and confrontation against China in other fields, Chinese experts warned. They stressed that if Afghanistan fails to achieve sustainable peace and becomes a breeding ground for terrorism again, those terrorist groups worldwide, who target the US as their prime enemy, would have a chance to plan another 9/11 attack.
At the request of the US side, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on late Monday exchanged views with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken over the phone on the situation in Afghanistan and bilateral ties.
During the phone conversation, Blinken expressed appreciation for China's participation in the Doha meeting on the Afghanistan issue, noting that the current situation in Afghanistan is entering a crucial stage.
Wang said that China stands ready to communicate with the US to push for a soft landing of the Afghanistan issue, so that a new civil war or humanitarian disaster will be prevented in Afghanistan and the country will not relapse into being a hotbed and shelter for terrorism.
This was not the first time the US has looked to China for help on the Afghanistan issue. On July 13, US department of state spokesperson Ned Price said at a press briefing that "we look to China, as we do other regional countries, to play a role that is constructive and that helps bring about that outcome that is in our collective interests."

Observers said this attitude is very different from the attitudes the US has shown in other fields, which means the US really needs China's help on the Afghanistan issue. 

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