Huang Renwei: BRI and the Chinese Cultural Value Orientation
28 Apr., 2018  |  |  Hits:3320
Professor Huang Renwei, executive vice dean of Fudan Institute of Belt and Road & Global Governance and chairman of the academic committee of the top think tank of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, said that the Belt and Road Initiative prepares the infrastructure network for both the development of contemporary China and that of the contemporary world. Such an initiative is consistent with the China’s experience in the past and its present phase of development. The initiative might also exert a lasting influence on world history. In this vein, understanding the Chinese cultural value orientation can help to better seize China's motivation and behavior pattern. Its value orientation behind the Belt and Road Initiative can be summarized in three major aspects: 1. To act according to one’s willingness and capability;2. To make plans so as to prevent risks;3. To gain in a proper way and to promote an open and inclusive atmosphere.