Su Changhe:The Grasp of the Belt and Road Initiative is Connectivity
12 Oct, 2018  |  |  Hits:2730

Great power diplomacy can bring inspiration and attraction if it combines its destiny, responsibility and interests with the fate, responsibility and interests of more countries and their people. 

President Xi Jinping’s BRI combines China’s economic and people’s livelihood with the countries along the line and quickly receives positive responses from many countries and regions along the route. 

The grasp of BRI is connectivity. Connectivity emphasizes cooperation and win-win. It is a concept that is different from European integration and more in line with the geo-economic development trend of developing regions. "Integration" is difficult to accept because of the issue of dominance. In contrast, " Connectivity" does not care who controls who, but focuses on the convenience and smooth flow of people, finances, things, and wisdom, and the reality of international relations in diverse systems and diverse ways to development. Therefore, connectivity will become the key word for the development of Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Latin America and other regions, and will gradually replace the divide-and-conquer strategy pursued by some Western powers in the past. China's economic diplomacy has actively participated in the interconnection process in Southeast Asia and Africa, which contributes to the unification of the latter.