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  • Under the “America First” foreign policy, the Trump administration has taken a series of measures toward its East Asian allies the Republic of Korea (ROK) and Japan, in order to force them to make substantial concessions on defense cost-sharing and trade issues. As a result, concerns over the reliability of the alliance with the United States have ...
  • Despite their differences in political system, ideology and economic size, China and Middle East countries have sympathized with and supported each other in the international community. After the founding of New China, China’s participation in Middle East security affairs can be broadly divided into three phases.
  • Since the end of the Cold War,China has gradually formulated a global and multi-dimensional partnership network.China’s partnership diplomacy in the Middle East is a crucial component of said network,including partners in the Persian Gulf,the Eastern Mediterranean Sea,the Red Sea and the Maghreb region.Based on their level of importance to China,th...
  • Some US politicians have been instigating the "clash of civilizations" thesis against China, which has greatly harmed the development of China-US relations and runs counter to the world’s desire for peaceful development. The two countries should actively strengthen people-to-people exchanges, promote dialogue among civilizations, and enha...
  • This article attempts to understand the profound political-economic, geographic, and historical force behind the Trump trade policy ‘revolution’ from the perspective of world-systems analysis. The trade war launched by the United States against China is essentially motivated by a profound political-economic and geographic logic: the US and China...
  • In recent years, Sino-US strategic rivalry has exacerbated from a trade war to a technology war, with the US sanctions on Chinese companies, such as ZTE, Huawei and Tik-tok. At the same time, Washington is increasingly critical of Beijing on its policy towards Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Taiwan and the South China Sea. In July 2020, the Trump Administrati...
  • In nearly 30 years since the collapse of the Soviet Union, China and the five Central Asian countries have formed a strategic partnership of equal trust and mutual benefit. China’s interests in Central Asia focus on maintaining security in border areas, combating terrorism and extremism, gaining access to stable energy supplies, and expanding over...
  • This paper investigates the impact of “One Belt & One Road” as an exogenous policy shock on the utilisation of foreign capital in China in the short term. Based on provincial panel data for the years 2003–15, the empirical study is conducted with difference‐in‐differences design.
  • ​The rise of China and its expanding role on the world stage are among the most prominent developments in the post-Cold War era, with wide-ranging and far-reaching implications, among which the most significant is the impact on the prevailing international order.I will begin with a critical look at the existing international order and an inventory ...
  • On China’s Belt Road Initiative (BRI), (1) as the number of BRI project grows and as the number of partner countries increases, the number of economic disputes that China will be involved in will grow; (2) China should ensure that the BRI projects in a country are beneficial to the general population of that country and not just politically-biased ...
  • China is becoming a more influential actor in the world, being a key factor in global climate governance and international development. While the Chinese government is still avoiding the term ‘‘international leadership’’ in its official discourse, China is in practice exercising international leadership and is bound to assume more leadership in...
  • ​The idea of connectivity is a concept that describes the contemporary world and conceives its future. Compared to the concepts and theories such as globalization and integration, the idea of connectivity refers to a different world vision. Regional collaboration is still heavily influenced by the theory of integration. In this vein, many regions a...