Fudan University Held the First Forum of Top Think Tanks of BRIGG
05 Nov, 2017  |  Source:Fudan News  |  Hits:4971

On Nov. 5th, 2017, the First Forum of Top Think Tanks of the Belt and Road Initiative and Global Governance(BRIGG) was jointly held by Fudan University and the Think Tank Cooperation Alliance. On this occasion, Fudan Institute of Belt and Road and Global Governance was officially inaugurated. These are the efforts actively made by Fudan university to facilitate the promotion of the Belt and Road Initiative.

According to Jiao Yang,chairperson of the University Council, the Belt and Road Initiative is a crucial way to implement Xi Jinping's diplomatic thinking. Meanwhile, it is also a measure to carry out China’s all-dimensional opening-up in new historical conditions. In this context, the inauguration of Fudan Institute of Belt and Road and Global Governance incarnates the strong willingness of Fudan University to serve the country and represents a major step for itself to facilitate the achievement of world-class university ranking.

Nowadays, Fudan Institute of Belt and Road and Global Governance is composed of 8 research institutes: Institute for strategy and international security, Institute of global and national governance, Institute of trade and regional economic cooperation, Institute of international industry and investment research, Institute of international law, Institute of society and population research, Institute of talent exchange and Institute of international communication. Besides, it has 23 key cooperative research bases, 6 research centers focused on cooperation between universities and enterprises or between universities and local governments.

In addition, it has established contacts with think tanks from most of the countries participated in the Belt and Road Initiative, creating many regional networks such as the ASEAN-China “10+1” think tank alliance, the China-CEEC “16+1” think tank alliance, the China-U.S. think tank dialogue, the China-U.K. think tank dialogue, the China-India think tank dialogue and the BRICS think tank alliance.

In the future, Fudan Institute will further orient its research towards countries and regions along the Belt and Road. By sharing the governance experiences among different think tanks, this institute seeks to dedicate Chinese wisdom, Chinese experience and Chinese solution to the governance in a global scale.

A series of research reports has already been released and delivered to the participants of the forum such as  Ports viewed from the perspective of the Belt and Road Initiative: China's opportunities and challenges,International legal issues in the Belt and Road cooperation, Dynamics of competitiveness and complementarity of trade in goods among countries along the Belt and Road.