G20 should Send Clear Message of Upholding Multilateralism, Chinese Ambassador Says
30 Nov, 2018  |  Source:Xinhua  |  Hits:1229

LONDON, Nov. 29 (Xinhua) -- The Group of 20 (G20) should send a clear message of upholding multilateralism to lead economic globalization in the right direction, Chinese Ambassador to Britain Liu Xiaoming said ahead of the G20 summit in Argentina.

In a recent signed article published by the British Magazine FIRST, Liu said that the G20 is a "major battlefield" for safeguarding multilateralism as it is an important venue for developed and developing countries to engage in consultation and make decisions on an equal footing on issues of development and global governance.

As the world economy faces increasing risks and uncertainties, striking inequality and imbalance, and surging protectionism, it is all the more important that the G20 should uphold the spirit of partnership, shore up global confidence and work for robust, sustainable, balanced and inclusive world economic growth, Liu said.

"Under the current circumstances, China and the UK should join hands with other members of the G20 to oppose unilateralism and protectionism, uphold the world economic order and the multilateral trade regime, safeguard the common interests of all mankind and promote global prosperity and stability," the ambassador said.

Noting half G20 members are developing countries, Liu said: "It has the obligation to create more opportunities for them by promoting world economic growth, and to offer them more support by enhancing international cooperation on development."

He said the G20 should continue to prioritize development, including implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, making preferential policies that facilitate development, and creating new driving forces for developing countries to eradicate poverty, tackle the bottlenecks and boost their economy.

"In China, forty years of reform and opening-up have not only created a development miracle but also created enormous opportunities for the world," Liu said.

"Going forward, China will continue to expand opening-up, improve IPR (Intellectual Property Right) protection and foster a world-class business-friendly environment," the ambassador said.

The upcoming G20 meeting, to be held from Nov. 30 to Dec.1 in Buenos Aires, is themed "Building Consensus for Fair and Sustainable Development." It will focus on issues like global economy, trade and investment, sustainable development, infrastructure and climate change.