Ambassador Yue Xiaoyong and Huang Renwei, Executive Vice Dean of BRGG Interviewed by Večernji list, Croatia
11 Jul, 2020  |  Source:Večernji list  |  Hits:3774

Ambassador Yue Xiaoyong and Huang Renwei, Executive vice dean of Fudan Institute of Belt and Road & Global Governance were interviewed by Večernji list, Croatia.

1. How do you view the current situation in Hong Kong? China passed a national security law that will made illegal subversion in the city. Critics all over the world call the law a death sentence to the autonomy of the city.

Dr. Yue: The current situation in Hong Kong gets much better, stable, secured and promising than ever before after adoption of The Law of the PRC on Safeguarding National Security in the Hongkong Special Administrative Region on June 30. In fact much more countries openly show understanding and support of China to adopt the law, which is a milestone in the practice of "One Country Two Systems", providing a strong institutional guarantee for its long-term implementation. More importantly, the law is supported strongly by Chinese people and passed unanimously in the National People’s Congress, and a signature campaign to endorse the law was initiated in Hong Kong late May. Within eight days, almost three million Hong Kong residents signed online or at street stands. I would advise those who really care for Hongkong to read the whole law yourself so as to avoid any hearsay or the influence of biases. There are four offences and their corresponding penalties prescribed in the law: secession, subversion, terrorist activities, collusion with foreign countries or external elements to endanger national security, which obviously means that the law is highly targeted aiming to protect the rule of law and legitimate rights and freedoms of the people in Hong Kong.

2. EU and US have both condemned the law. Washington have began changing special status of Hong Kong because China, as they say, eviscerated the freedoms in the city. Do you think it might seriously affect relations between western countries and China?

Dr. Yue:No country has the right to intervene into other countries’ domestic affairs according to the UN Charter and international law, and Hong Kong belongs to China, Hong Kong affairs are China's domestic affairs. We in China don’t worry at all about what US would do to harm Hong Kong, which only would tell the world by itself that it is US that have not been happy with a stable and prosperous Hong Kong. The Chinese government and people are fully determined to safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests, and to oppose any external interference into Hong Kong affairs. People need not worry at all about status of Hong Kong as Special Admonstative Region. According to the Basic Law of HK, its capitalist system and way of life shall remain unchanged for 50 years.The national security law will ensure the long-term stability and prosperity of Hong Kong.

3. Only the first phase of trade agreement between US and China has been signed. What do you think is the best way forward between the two countries, in light of broad differences of positions between the two?

Prof. Huang:The implementation of US–China phase one trade deal is on track. China has made real efforts in its implementation, which is not easy given the spread of coronavirus and economic downturn. The US government has also affirmed China’s implementation of the deal. However, the US has recently again raised import tariffs on Chinese goods to 25% and openly stated that phase two trade deal is not under consideration, which is a serious violation of what they agreed with China. The US side should correct those wrong behaviors, work with China to implement phase one trade deal in earnest and reject protectionism and unilateralism. 

4. There is a sense in the EU that Europe has become stranded between the two superpowers who have their own agendas and that EU needs to find it's own position. Do you think that EU and China could form a strategic partnership one day?

Dr. Yue:Yes sure optimistically, which naturally needs both China and EU or Europe work together consistently upon positive achievements obtained by our joint endeavours, and handle carefully our differences, reduce them if both sides could and recognize the diversity our different cultures, systems or histories and refrain from letting differences hinder our cooperation. There is no fundemental conflict of interests or diffenrences between our two sides if one really would see our relationship in a comprehensive and longterm way. What we in China mean “a strategic partnership” mainly indicates to be partners in safeguading world peace and security and promote common development based on equality and mutural respect with a shared future of mankind. China is oppsed to any intervening into other’s domestic affairs. EU remains a major player in global arena and will surely exert more important role in the years to come. I can envisage a bright future in store for China-Europe/EU relations in the years to come owing to our joint efforts.

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