Books And Articles
  • ​The rise of China and its expanding role on the world stage are among the most prominent developments in the post-Cold War era, with wide-ranging and far-reaching implications, among which the most significant is the impact on the prevailing international order.I will begin with a critical look at the existing international order and an inventory ...
  • On China’s Belt Road Initiative (BRI), (1) as the number of BRI project grows and as the number of partner countries increases, the number of economic disputes that China will be involved in will grow; (2) China should ensure that the BRI projects in a country are beneficial to the general population of that country and not just politically-biased ...
  • China is becoming a more influential actor in the world, being a key factor in global climate governance and international development. While the Chinese government is still avoiding the term ‘‘international leadership’’ in its official discourse, China is in practice exercising international leadership and is bound to assume more leadership in...
  • This book is the third publication on Sino-American trade disputes. It regroups 27 cases adjudicated by the American courts concerning the Chinese enterprises, covering various categories such as contract arbitration, anti-dumping and countervailing, intellectual property and immunities. The book analyses each case from the perspective of the relat...
  • ​The idea of connectivity is a concept that describes the contemporary world and conceives its future. Compared to the concepts and theories such as globalization and integration, the idea of connectivity refers to a different world vision. Regional collaboration is still heavily influenced by the theory of integration. In this vein, many regions a...
  • The book of Gong Baihua, professor of Fudan Law School, aims to have a comprehensive review of the WTO disputes related to China and their solutions. It is divided into two parts. The first one summarizes the solution mechanism of the WTO disputes by using a statistical method.
  • The lastest book of Tang Shiping, professor of School of International Relations and Pulic Affairs, develops a general theory of institutional change based on a social evolutionary synthesis of the conflict approach and the harmony approach. It argues that because the whole process of institutional change can be understood as a process of selecting...