Construction of Main Structure of 1st General Hospital in China's Xiongan Completed
04 Aug, 2021  |  Source:Xinhua  |  Hits:2308

Construction of the main structure of the Xiongan branch of Beijing-based Xuanwu Hospital of the Capital Medical University was completed on Monday.

It is the first general hospital built in Xiongan New Area, north China's Hebei Province. The whole project covers an area of 13.17 hectares.

On April 1, 2017, China announced plans to establish the Xiongan New Area, located about 100 km southwest of Beijing, aiming to build the 1,770-sq-km area into a green city featuring innovation and a national model of high-quality development.

Infrastructure construction is proceeding smoothly in Xiongan's start-up area. Designed to take over Beijing's functions nonessential to its role as the national capital, the start-up area will serve as a new home for Beijing's colleges, hospitals, business headquarters, and financial and public institutions.