Entrepreneurs Forum held at Fudan
25 Oct, 2019  |  Source:Fudan University  |  Hits:9188

Meng also offered advice on the future development of SOEs. He believes more efforts should be made in 1) adhering to the problem-oriented principle by meeting local development needs and having effective communication; 2) improving the standards and quality of project management to create excellent projects; 3) further expanding cooperation to obtain mutual benefits and win-win results and 4) assuming social responsibility and demonstrating excellence in corporate citizenship.  

Xie Yangjun, Director of Silk Road International Production Capacity Cooperation Promotion Centre analyzed how BRI should be built by referring to six points: space layout, major projects, financial support, policy support, coordination between the National Development and Reform Commission and provincial governments, and export facilitation through inter-enterprise cooperation. 

In the process of “going out”, talents, funds, projects, policies and professional services are the five most important factors. Xie suggested building a one-stop service platform and a coordination platform for the Initiative to help enterprises enhance exportation by means of cooperation and achieve sustainable high-quality development.


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