The First"Rong Chang Scholar"Global Training Program Completed in Vienna.
20 Aug, 2018  |  Source:Fudan News  |  Hits:4521
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The completion ceremony of the First"Rong Chang Scholar"Global Training Program of Fudan University was held in Vienna School of International Studies on August 2nd, 2018.
The training program of"Rong Chang Scholar"was jointly established by Fudan University and Rong Chang Charity Fund in March, 2018. The program aims to provide courses and other opportunities to the future global leaders by the long-term collaboration with different international organization, facilitating the cultural exchange between China and the Western World.28 students from 8 universities and different majors were admitted to participate in the 12-days program in Vienna on July 23rd. They also had the chance to visit offices affiliated to different organizations such as United Nations, International Atomic Energy Agency, United Nations Industrial Development Organization and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Austria.