The Roundtable Discussion of Chinese Thought was Held
24 May, 2018  |  Source:BRGG  |  Hits:2427

Zhang Wei, Huang Renwei, David Armitage and Kishore Mahbubani held a roundtable discussion on May 23rd, in Fudan University. The four guests discussed various subjects such as the current situation of the American think tanks, the problem of inequality, the peace issue and the goal of the Belt and Road Initiative. Professor Huang, vice president of Fudan Institute of the Belt and Road and Global Governance, indicated that attitudes towards globalization is now being polarized. On one side, it is represented by the Donald Trump’s anti-globalization stance. On the other, it is represented by Xi Jinping’s new globalization vision. It is in such a particular moment of international relations that the Belt and Road Initiative is sometimes misunderstood. In fact, it is rather a new vision that seeks to connect different levels of agents involved in the globalization. Therefore, according to Professor Huang, the West should form new concepts to seize the Chinese message.