Zhong Sheng:US Lies of China’s IP Theft to be Blown Down
22 May, 2019  |  Source:Global Times  |  Hits:1075
Some in the US have recently cried foul, accusing China of obtaining an unfair advantage and stealing US intellectual property (IP). Such deliberate hype about China's so-called IP theft is a bid to justify the US decision to escalate trade frictions and contain China.
The US has repeatedly made a big fuss about IP-related issues and accused China of nothing. The Special 301 Report issued in March 2018 by the Office of the US Trade Representative claimed that China negatively affected US economic interests in terms of IP. Recently, certain US officials have again accused China of IP theft, which stalled trade negotiations.
Although the US is making loud voices, lies will never become the truth. Who would believe such a groundless charge of China's IP theft? 
Some US officials have alleged that so-called Chinese IP theft has cost US companies hundreds of billions of dollars. Far-sighted people inside the US have scoffed at this figure. How could such a figure even be calculated? It must come from the mind of some genius with the extraordinary ability to exaggerate numbers. It seems that some Americans are devout believers of this saying: Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth. 
Such nonsensical figures can only be worked out by unreliable people. Take the Special 301 Report. The US has worn many hats, including the interested party, police, prosecutor, jury and judge, unilaterally judging and accusing other countries' IP status and making groundless assumptions at its own will. Where is justice to be found? An investigation based on imagination and selective data should be called a science fiction novel. The US knows this well, but attempts to find a grandiose excuse for its irrational behavior.
Strengthening IP protection improves the property rights protection system and the biggest incentive to enhancing China's economic competitiveness. Through decades of efforts, China has made a huge leap forward in IP protection in terms of social concepts, legal environment, and actual protection. China's remarkable achievement has been universally acknowledged.
With the establishment of a relatively complete and high-standard intellectual property legal system, China has continuously strengthened its protection of IP rights, and was the biggest filer of IP cases, especially patent cases, in the world. In 2018, China's external payments of IP rights royalties reached $35.8 billion, becoming the world's fourth-largest patent importing country.
The fight over patent licensing practices between Apple and Qualcomm may still remain fresh in people's memory. The US companies are telling the world with their actions to trust China's IP protection.
Justice naturally inhabits a man's heart. China's efforts are gaining widespread acceptance. The Economist published an article saying that "IP protection in China, for all its flaws, has improved at rocket speed of late." "Chinese firms are not all serial intellectual property thieves," it wrote. "Greater inventiveness in China is prompting more respect for IP." Even official reports released by the US government before 2016 affirmed China's achievements in IP protection.
However, some in the US have ignored the facts. They are cracking down on China under the name of IP protection. IP is supposed to be a bridge to innovation and cooperation among countries. However, the US has made it a political tool to contain others and a fig leaf for hegemonism.
During China's reform and opening-up, many foreign companies have started technical cooperation with Chinese enterprises and received generous returns. Even if something goes wrong in terms of IP protection, it can be settled by the parties concerned through legal means. The US move is a denial of property rights, credit awareness, contract spirit, and market rules.
Facts speak louder than words. Everyone knows that no country in the world can modernize by stealing. China's development achievements are made by Chinese people in a down-to-earth manner. US rumormongers will eventually be blown down by the strong eastern wind.
The author is a commentator with the People's Daily. opinion@globaltimes.com.cn.